Dr. Doering supported me in a very difficult phase of my life and accompanied me with great consistency to a new and better way by helping me to build on my strengths, become aware of my long-term wishes and goals and to listen to my inner needs. Her way of coaching was for me more helpful than psychotherapy.

Female educator

The coaching with Ms. Doering made me realise my strengths and helped me to see the essentials in work and life and to set the right goals – thank you!

Female journalist and broadcaster



Coaching supports the client to find his or her own path to personal excellence and satisfaction, always appreciating that every client and every situation are different. The dialogue between coach and client creates structure, which in turn generates clarity and insight, and the client learns to tap into his or her inner resources to solve problems.

Coaching takes place in a completely confidential environment.

When is coaching helpful?

Individual coaching helps especially in crossroad situations where, for example, a new challenge has arisen, a fundamental decision is to be made or when a conflict needs to be resolved, in situations of stress and problems with work-life balance.

Executive coaching offers the opportunity for open discussion and honest feedback about leadership challenges and management skills.

Career coaching helps with career transitions and the desire to find the right career path.

I accompany and support you in assessing the situation and finding your inner resources and strategies to deal with it, in setting goals and overcoming barriers to pave the way for a positive and successful approach to problems. In this way you can improve your professional performance and achieve an enhanced work-life balance. 

What coaching method do I use?

My method is eclectic, and I use a combination of a systemic approach and resonance coaching with the aim of helping each client to find his/her best way of being and, ultimately, to make a contribution to the world.

Who are my clients?

I have helped clients from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, such as business, technology, higher education, journalism and broadcasting, the music world and international organisations.

What does coaching cost?

A session lasts 55 minutes and costs € 120

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