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How to stop procrastinating and get on with your career

I’ve started a fascinating course on Positive Intelligence with the wonderful Leadership and Management Coach Amanda Bouch. Positive Intelligence, developed by Shirzad Chamine, is a system of resetting your thought patterns to become less often derailed by negative, niggling voices that keep you in rigid paths, hold you back, “sabotage” your happiness and stop you getting things done.

In Positive Intelligence terms, it is the voice of the avoider that I hear quite often. We could also call it the procrastinator. “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I can do that later, it won’t make any difference”, “Better not rock the boat, I won’t have that conversation now”. Sound familiar?

Procrastination is lethal for your career development.

The world of work is changing so fast all the time that you need to plan and prepare for your next career phase. What are the latest trends in your profession? What skills will you need to learn or polish? Where do you want to be next year…in 2- or 5-years’ time? Do you have a long-term goal? How are you working towards that goal? Here are some tips to stop procrastinating.

Ø Commit to a deadline

Ø Get a project buddy who will help keep you on track (secrecy is procrastination’s biggest friend)

Ø Plan benchmarks

Ø Schedule career conversations with the right people – your boss, your partner, a career coach, your network contacts

Ø Watch out for the niggling voice – and don’t listen!

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