SmartWoman™ Programme

Coaching for professional women

The SmartWoman™ Programme develops your skills and resources in a professional context and increases your self-confidence and performance in every workplace situation. Work actively on your career development and improve your career chances!

SmartWoman™ takes place in a supportive environment, providing the right amount of challenge and “stretch” for you to grow and achieve what you want. Come with a friend or even two to maximize results and minimize costs!

Coaching on the following issues:

  • Communication skills - get heard!

  • Presentation skills - voice technique, body language, how to reach your audience with emotion and content

  • Setting and achieving the right goals

  • Self-confidence in every professional situation

  • “Get to the point” – focussed writing and speaking

  • Etiquette traps and how to avoid them

  • Image and styling

  • How to prevent and deal with discrimination and harassment

  • Managing your career

  • Networking

  • Working in an international environment

  • Work-life balance


Dr. Susan Doering

London, UK

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